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Shops Equipments

Asimakopoulos Dimitrios
Filikon 33 - Peristeri - Athens

Company "StoreEquipment  - Asimakopoulos Dimitrios" is based in Athens and is located at the Filikon Street 33 in Peristeri. The business executive is Mr. Asimakopoulos Dimitrios. The company has many years of experience in the field of professional equipment. Since 1960, a well organized firm steel construction, specializing in store equipment. More than 50 years we provide responsibly integrated showcases creation services, special construction and decoration always with the utmost satisfaction of the customers.

The business operator, Mr. Asimakopoulos Dimitris as second generation professionals bring extensive  experience, knowledge and passion , providing innovative proposals, unique applications, multiple non-standard configurations, harmonious combinations of metal, wood and glass. Created benches, shelves, stands, shop windows and many other structures, oriented respect to the functionality of the site, proper storage of products and their integrated display.


  • Showcase simple - heated
  • Showcase for cookies
  • Showcase nuts
  • Gondola various sizes and colors
  • Small furniture for confined spaces
  • bakery Showcases- confectionery shops - Super Market - Cosmetics
  • Showcases Pharmacy
  • Wine Cellars

Filikon 33, Peristeri 12131 / Athens
Phone: 2105756635
Mobile: 6974406577